Would you like to compare your current growing hardware to Baltic Freya Fogponics 2.0 system? 

Here at Baltic Freya, our team is proud to announce that our proprietary FOGPONICS 2.0 system is ready to be tested in operational environments, vertical farms, and indoor farms. Therefore, we are seeking aeroponics, fogponics and hydroponics farmers of all sizes to benchmark CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) equipment setups and evaluate how much you can improve your output, operations and product quality.  

Fogponics 2.0 is designed for next-gen challenges:

  • Variable droplet sizes and advanced day/night-time protocols 
  • No clogging potential, very few parts, quick replacement 
  • Energy efficiency among the highest on the market 
  • Connected system with emergency protocols on firmware 
  • Remote updates, predictive maintenance 

Baltic Freya aims to work with growers, developers, universities, and researchers. 

Some of our open-ended aims are to:

  • confirm operational energy usage – we are going for the lowest on the market 
  • confirm yield increases from variable droplet size applications 
  • investigate interval and variable droplet size confluence 
  • investigate protocols for increasing revenue by inducing secondary metabolite production in plant roots

We hope to partner with parties players who are interested in further co-development of complete vertical farming systems and programs for cannabis, fresh produce, medicinal and secondary metabolite crop propagation as well as software and programming for self-improving irrigation strategies.  

Items to keep in mind:

  • Each party will cover its own costs of the testing deployment 
  • We have up to 10 testing opportunities in 2022 
  • We will respond to every applicant 
  • Deployments will be agreed on the First-come-first-served basis 
  • If interest exceeds our capacity, we will have a waitlist 

express your interest in testing 2022 / 2023


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