EIT Food Seedbed Pre-Accelerator

The EIT Food Seedbed Pre-Accelerator Program is delivered by top EIT Food Partner Universities and Research and Innovation Organizations, providing their expertise in technology commercialization and their vast connections with Industry to support researchers, scientists and entrepreneurs launch or progress a commercially viable business based on market need.

The Seedbed Incubator enables entrepreneurs to identify and connect with key customers, test the market and take their minimum viable product or service from a commercial proposition to a validated business.

Baltic Freya in EIT Food Seedbed

StartUp selection

Early 2019

More than 120 agri-food startups applied from all over Europe.
30 of them were chosen for an interview.
And only 18 teams made it to the program.
Baltic Freya in this top!!!


July 8-11th 2019

The chosen startups had to participate in boot camps where they were prepared for the program. Also, EIT Food had specially chosen mentors for each startup based on its needs. Baltic Freya was introduced to Stella Spanou – an amazing person specializing in monetization of innovation at Aarhus University. 

EIT Food Seedbed boot camp
EIT Food Seedbed Bootcamp in Warsaw 2019

Training Day

October 29th 2019

We have traveled the world and worked really hard to find potential customers, validate our market potential and business model, Seedbed Training Day was an amazing wrap-up and preparation for the finals. A huge THANK YOU to our mentor Stella Spanou and EIT Food staff! It has been a life-changing experience for Baltic Freya, we couldn’t have done this without your help!

Baltic Freya at EIT Food Seedbed training day 2019
EIT Food Seedbed Training Day in Brussels 2019

Final and EIT Food Venture Summit

November 11-13th 2019

What an emotional rollercoaster, pitching in front of an international expert panel, competing with the strongest European food startups and so much more – we have completed the EIT Food Seedbed pre-accelerator program! Again, let us say a huge THANK YOU to our mentor Stella Spanou and EIT Food staff!

EIT Food Seedbed finals 2019
EIT Food Seedbed Final in Lisbon at EIT Food Venture Summit

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