1st Place Winners

EIT Food RIS Innovation Grants is an open competition for food entrepreneurs and startups. In 2018 the very first EIT Food Innovation Grants competition @ Lithuania took place. Many applied, but only 10 teams were selected for the competition. Startups had an intense training session with an awesome coach and after three energy drinks fueled days Baltic Freya was ready for their first pitch ever. It was a tough pitch competition between really strong teams, it was held in front of a very diverse jury of agri-food industry experts and they crowned Baltic Freya as the 1st place winners!

Baltic Freya is 1st place winner in EIT Food RIS Innovation Grants

EIT Food


European Institute of Innovation & Technology or EIT is an independent body of the EU set up in 2008, spurs innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe to overcome some of its greatest challenges. The EIT brings together leading business, education and research organisations to form dynamic cross-border partnerships. These are called Innovation Communities and each is dedicated to finding solutions to a specific global challenge.  EIT Innovation Communities develop innovative products and services, start new companies, and train a new generation of entrepreneurs. Together, we power innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe to turn their best ideas into products, services, jobs and growth.

Food KIC

EIT Food KIC – Knowledge & Innovation Community is the world’s largest food innovation community, building a future-fit, sustainable and healthy food system. EIT Food creates connections right across the food system that stimulates new ideas and innovations to drive change: between startups and corporates; between food entrepreneurs and investors; between consumers and industry; between research and action; between ideas and reality; between present and future.


The EIT Food RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) strategy focuses on enhancing development within the agrifood sector by implementing activities related to innovation, education, business creation and communication in RIS countries and regions. This outreach scheme is open to students, researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs and consumers and it’s aimed at upgrading their skills and taking full advantage of their creativity.

Innovation Grants

EIT Food RIS Innovation Grants includes Innovation Scouting (the identification and support of early-stage entrepreneurial talents), RIS Innovation Grants (awarded in an open competition to entrepreneurs from 15 targeted EIT RIS countries) and the selection of RIS Challenges (identification of Innovation Proposals for RIS specific challenges). The activity implements the “EIT Food RIS Strategy, 2018-2020” and is complemented by KAVA # RIS Action Line 2 and KAVA # RIS Fellowships.

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