EIT Jumpstarter

EIT Jumpstarter, is a unique cross-industrial scheme that […] was designed to create a sustainable impact in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe by boosting innovation and entrepreneurship to revolutionise the EU market.” – emphasized the jury of the European Association Awards, when selecting EIT Jumpstarter as winner of the Best Association Training Initiative in 2019.

EIT Jumpstarter Best Cross KIC Business Idea 2019
Baltic Freya has won the prize of Best Cross-KIC Business Idea at EIT Jumpstarter competition in 2019

Baltic Freya in EIT Jumpstarter


May 24-25th 2019

Multiple bootcamps took place all across Europe. Baltic Freya had the pleasure to participate in the Warsaw bootcamp. Awesome two day training by Hans Westerhof, multiple assignments, tough competition, but Baltic Freya is proud to say that the idea of Fogponics 2.0 has passed to the next phase of the competition!

Jumpstarter group photo
Bootcamp in Warsaw 2019


September 16-18th 2019

Baltic Freya took a step forward in the competition – from 30 EIT Food teams that participated in the bootcamps, only 17 passed to the next phase – Local Training. The training started with an online warm up and proceeded into multiple day physical training sessions that took place in Kaunas city and was organised by KTU (Kaunas Technology University). Our team is grateful for valuable insights, good advice and all the help that we have received!

EIT Jumpstarter Local training 2019
Local Training in Kaunas 2019

Grand Final

November 14th 2019

Only 6 best teams per KIC (Knowledge and Innovation Community) were chosen to compete in the Grand Final and Baltic Freya was among the best! It was a really tough competition, but our hard work paid off and Baltic Freya was awarded the Best Cross-thematic Business Idea prize! We have received 5.000 euros for further development of our startup.

EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final 2019
Baltic Freya won Best Cross-KIC Business Idea prize at EIT Jumpstarter Grand Final 2019

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