The Beginning

Back in winter of 2016 something strange happened. The price of cauliflower in Lithuania tripled over one night. No one understood why and everyone was angry. We had recently seen a documentary about vertical farming and we came up with a brilliant idea. Let’s do vertical farming and grow cauliflower – tons of profit! Yes, it all started as a joke. But the thought of having our own business, putting ourselves to a challenge as scientists and actually making an impact to the food system, never left our minds. And so our story began…

Baltic Freya Vertical Farming

What is vertical farming?

Vertical farming is a method of growing plants in vertically stacked layers. Most often it uses CEA – controlled environment agriculture technologies, which optimize plant growth, and uses various soilless farming techniques like hydroponics, aeroponics, fogponics, etc. Some common selections of structure to house vertical farming systems are old buildings, hangars, shipping containers, and abandoned tunnels. If you would like to know more, please read our General introduction to vertical farming.

Vertical Farming
Stackable, fogponic/aeroponic growing modules by Baltic Freya

Vertical Farming Equipment

For some of you experienced growers we do not need to remind this, but for those who are new to vertical farming, like we were, we need to say this. The three key “ingredients” to grow a healthy plant are light, nutrients and water. You heard us right, plants do not need soil to grow big, nutritious, and tasty.

Plants have evolved roots to entrench themselves and to eat & drink. As the same body part or organs are used for the water and fertilizer intake, these are most often delivered in a mixture right to the roots. Now the interesting part. There’s a mesmerizing variety of ways to deliver water and nutrients for the plants, like hydroponics, aquaponics, aeroponics, fogponics, etc. As we explored and researched all of them, we have learned their benefits and flaws. We have also looked at prices of these advanced irrigation systems. Furthermore, our team looked at what vertical farmers are using and why. Our conclusion – everyone is using off-the-shelf, half a century old equipment that is limited by design and has flaws, which can only be mitigated, not eliminated.


Baltic Freya Mission

We have foreseen that hydroponics is a stepping-stone technology that shall soon give way to more advanced, more control enabling and higher yielding technologies like aeroponics and fogponics. Therefore, we have taken the concept of growing plants in aerosol and embarked on a journey to eliminate its flaws, to reinvent and improve it.

Baltic Freya Fogponics

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